Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Charles River Birdwatching

I'm taking a break from my Hawaii posts to report on some local birds I've seen along the Charles. Yesterday morning on my drive to work I saw a Baltimore Oriole fly across the road and land on a shrub. Its yellowish color caught my eye and I'm glad he landed low enough for me to get a good look at him.

Baltimore Oriole:

Courtesy of

I've also seen quite a few warblers in the trees along the river during my runs either in the morning or after work. I've read that the best time for birding is either early morning or dusk and it's been true according to my experiences.

The two warblers I've been able to remember and identify are:

Black and White Warbler:

Courtesy of

Yellow Warbler:

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I'll pick up with my Hawaii posts soon enough. I still have my Kauai pictures to post so there should be at least one or two more posts from Hawaii.

I really want to get in some more birdwatching locally now that the weather's nice. I'm going to North Truro on Cape Cod for Memorial Day weekend and I'm looking forward to stopping by the Wellfleet Sanctuary. It's over 1,000 acres of wetlands, beach and pine woods. I know it's an amazing spot for birdwatching and I really want to check it out.


Larry said...

I'm more interested in the local birds because I'll probably never go to Hawaii-then again you never know.

Birdinggirl said...

Thanks for the comments Larry- keep them coming!

I probably only have one post left of Hawaii pictures, but I keep putting it off since it involves sorting through my images and can be time-consuming.

As you can tell, I'm also eager to report on local birds which is why I've interrupted my Hawaii posts to talk about the birds I see along the Charles River.

Jeffrey Newman said...

I'm glad you were able to use my yellow warbler picture. Within the limitations of my equipment (Pentax K100D kit) , I've found it quite hard to photograph, as it prefers to stay amidst the shaded branches.

I'd return the favour by using one of your pictures but didn't see one I need. I notice though that you could use a better picture of a Brown Creeper and you're welcome to use mine - with a link to my BC Backyard Birds page.

I look forward to seeing more Massachusetts birds and will keep watching via my RSS reader.