Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bird Habitat Conservation

Here are seven helpful tips to conserve bird habitat I came across on the Birdfreak Birding Blog:

7 Things You Can Do Now to Conserve Bird Habitat

Join a birding organization is one tip that I know would be really beneficial to getting my birding hobby off the ground and would help me learn about conservation. I'm fortunate to live close to several Audubon bird sanctuaries and also very close to Concord, MA, home of David Sibley. There are unbelievable areas I have yet to explore and that is something I really want to look into in the coming weeks.

I should also take advantage of my trips home to the Cape. Here's a recent article from the Cape Cod Times about summer birdwatching:

Birding heats up during summer stormy weather

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Larry said...

Some interesting information in that article!-thanks