Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cape Cod Bird Sightings

I was on the Cape this past weekend for Thanksgiving and although my mother's birdfeeders were empty there were still plenty of birds around. I saw numerous chickadees in the backyard flitting around among the oak trees and in the front yard I saw a male cardinal, junco and a red-breasted nuthatch. It's rare to me to see a single junco since they usully come in flocks and always when it snows. It got pretty cold this weekend though- we had consecutive days of below-freezing temperatures for the first time, so the junco wasn't a complete surprise. But again, I'm not used to seeing them alone.

The red-breasted nuthatches have to be my new favorite bird to watch while I'm home. I've seen them in my parents' yard during my past few visits. What usually alerts me to their presence is their unique squeaking chatter. It's obviously much like that of the white-breasted nuthatch but since I know theirs so well I can tell when it's the other bird.

My friend Chris Walsh saw some Snow Buntings on the spit in Mashpee the week of October 29th. He also saw a Rough Legged Hawk over the marsh near Provincetown.

Another bird I'd love to catch is the Snowy Owl. I read that they're around on the Cape right now in the Cape Cod Times.

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Larry said...

I'd like to see a Snowy Owl or a rough-legged Hawk.-I hear they're tough to i.d. as they look like immature Red-tailed hawks.