Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chelsea Harry: Bird Dog Owner

My friend Chelsea from the Cape was visiting Tuesday night and told me about her dog Jackson, who is apparently a bird dog. He flushed out a pheasant at Crane Wildlife Management Area in Falmouth, MA. Then he flushed out a Short Eared Owl at the Spit in Mashpee, MA.

She was walking him at the wildlife reserve when he ran off into a field and began tracking the bird, following its scent on a random path through the field. Then all of a sudden she saw there was great commotion as he flushed the bird out and it flew up out of the tall grass. Jackson stopped in his tracks and pointed, then followed the bird, leaping all the way across the field.

Her husband Chris said the same thing happened when he was walking Jackson at the Spit, which is a beach in Popponesset in Mashpee. She said he was walking him and then he ran off into the tall grass and out flew the owl.
She was really excited to share this story with me about her "mutt" from Hawaii. She said a few weeks prior she had chatted with a hunter at the wildlife reservation about his birding dog and said she would love to be able to train her dog to do it. She said he was pretty snobby in his reply and said "this isn't something you can train your dog to do—they're bred that way." Well, apparently Jackson has some sort of hunting breed in him. Good for you Jackson!! :)

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