Thursday, May 15, 2008

Massachusetts Important Bird Area: Mt. Auburn Cemetery

I just signed up to participate in the MassAudubon Bird-a-thon 2008 this weekend- May 16th- May 17th. I'm pretty excited about it since this is my first time birding with a group, and we'll be going to Mt. Auburn Cemetery—one of the most desirable birding spots this time of year.

Mt. Auburn is identified as an IBA (Important Bird Area) by MassAudubon. The primary reason is that it's an important stopover for migratory land birds. Another reason is that it supports long-term research and monitoring projects. I've lived close-by for almost two years, and yet I've never been to Mt. Auburn Cemetery. I've always known that it has beautiful gardens, but it wasn't until I started my birding hobby that I learned how well it supports migratory birds, and that it is known as a prime birding spot.

Is anyone else signed up to participate in the Bird-a-thon? It's my first time and I was pretty clueless about donating money and trying to join a team, but someone from MassAudubon called me right away and helped get me set up. I'll be joining the team Gordon's Gaggle, which will also be raising money for General MassAudubon support.

I'm anxious to report what I see on Saturday and hopefully share some pictures as well!

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