Thursday, December 11, 2008

Female Ring-necked Duck—Mystery Solved!

Ding Ding Ding- We have a winner! I am confident to say this mystery duck that I saw at Four Ponds Conservation Area in Pocasset, MA is a female ring-necked duck.

Source: Lloyd Spitalnik's Wildlife Galleries

Leah at BlueBirdFriendliness gave me a good tip about Scoters and Eiders, and I was fairly confident that it was a Female Common Scoter in 2nd year breeding plumage, but the ring on the bill was lacking in the pictures I found.

As my friend Dave always tells me, if there is a key characteristic missing then it probably isn't a match and keep looking. I should have known better but didn't think I could get any closer.

Thanks to Andy at for helping me solve this mystery! I better study up and spend more time outdoors so I can get a little sharper.


Anonymous said...

I just had a mis-ID with a Ring-necked Duck as well. I posted a picture calling it a Lesser Scaup. A reader corrected me and when I compared it to an old picture of a scaup, I realized I had been sloppy in my ID. I'm also learning that ducks are tricky.

Larry said...

I've been birding for a while now and still ask for help when I'm not sure.-You're seeing some nice birdss either way-and Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

I miss your posts...I am a super novice at so appreciate your efforts!