Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hermit Thrush Call- Fryeburg Maine

A couple weeks ago we went up to Fryeburg, Maine to visit some of Steve's college friends. They live on Lovewell Pond, which actually seems more like a lake.

I did some birding (and also jogging) on the trails near their house, and didn't see anything too exciting, but did see my first red-breasted nuthatch.

The underside isn't as "red" as typically seen in pictures, although it could just be the lighting. I still wanted to include it in case anyone wants to set me straight!
Every time I went jogging or birding on the trails near their house I heard this "mystery bird" that had an eery whistle-like call. I was very, very, patient but the bird was elusive and I could never get close enough to see it—it always got spooked and moved further away.
I reached out to my friends at the BwBTC Forum and Sharon and "Chickadee" in the Maine forum were very helpful in identifying this call, even without hearing my audio clip! Both suggested thrushes (Chickadee asked if it sounded like a flute, which it did) and sure enough I listened to the Hermit Thrush call clip on All About Birds and it was a match!
Here is my audio clip from the weekend in Maine:

These are a tricky ID for me since I don't see them often. I saw a hermit thrush last spring at Drumlin Farm MassAudubon Sanctuary in Lincoln, MA but that wouldn't have helped me since I never saw the bird in Maine.
I also had fun watching these Eastern Phoebes down by the shore of the pond. There were two of them flitting around on the steps of the house next door.

The loons were fairly active (there was a rumor that one of them flipped our friend's canoe but it couldn't be proved- haha) and the first night we thought we saw one coming up near the house, but this pictures shows it was just a mallard:

After hearing them all weekend, I finally saw one on Sunday.

Common Loon:To set the scene, here's a shot of the pond and our friends' deck/yard on the right:

It was a great weekend! Thanks to Kate & Techer for having us!


MaineBirder said...

It sounds really different when there's an echo to the call. Heard many of the Hermit Thrushes calling when we were in northern Maine a few weeks ago.

Very nice photos!

Dawn Fine said...

So glad that you mystery bird song was given and ID. I love the flute like song of the Hermit thrush! I cant decide which thrush song I like ethereal..
What a beautiful place to be!
Hope you are enjoying the new BwBTC website..You can use one of the logos John made for your blog if youd like..
Take care..Happy Birding..
Hope to meet U again!

Larry said...

The hermit Thrush has such a pretty song.I've always loved Maine.Haven't been there for about 5 years at least.

Kelly said...

...I just heard the Hermit Thrush in the hemlock gorges of Hocking Hills in Ohio. Normally, it's only here in the winter, but the gorges are cool enough to coax them to stay all summer and nest. It's one of my favorite calls. I loved your recording! I miss that call...and want to go back to Hocking Hills to hear it!