Monday, September 20, 2010

Boston Peregrine Falcon drops by for another visit

One of the perks to working in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood is that I get to bird watch. Specifically- I get to study Boston's resident peregrine falcon right from my desk. I wrote a post about our peregrine falcon back in July actually. I took some pictures of it right before it right before it took a poop. That's one of its favorite pass-times while visiting our 16th floor ledge. That and munching on poor helpless birds.

There is evidence of the carnage everywhere- just see this carelessly left behind wing for example. Anyone have a guess at what kind of bird it was?

Here are some pictures of our friend, the Boston peregrine falcon, from today. He was there in the late afternoon, sitting on the windowsill, looking in curiously:

Don't be misled by the white spot on its breast- it's just the flash from my camera making that spot.
Looking forward to seeing our little friend again soon! I hope to learn more about our Boston peregrine falcon. If anyone local has any information, like its name and how long its been tracked, please let me know.


meg said...

awesome pics! how often do u get to see one up close like that?!

John (Tucker) said...

Really nice shot, Katie!!!

Chris Petrak said...

What a treat, even though there is carnage in its wake. Best city pigeon control there is, though they don't discriminate on their food preferences. Found a pile of dove feathers in my yard this afternoon, probably from a sharpie. Good for all of us to be reminded that nature is a hierarchy of food, not cuteness. Good birding from the office window, and wherever else you are able to wander.

Unknown said...

Such a wonderful sight to see in the city! So hopeful!

Robin Robinson said...

Wonderful photos of the Peregrine. I photo'd one over a public toilet in Maine once.

Dawn Fine said...

So great that you can work and see birds!

Birdinggirl said...

@Meg- Well, this is the 2nd time it's happened so I'm hopeful it will stop by more :) It must know there's a birder on the 16th floor! haha

@John- Thanks!

@Chris- Indeed- these guys are predators and it's all part of nature. Can't get upset, although I wouldn't want to witness it going down...

@Susan- Yes- it's great to see them thriving :)

@Robin- Thanks! Hopefully you'll get more opportunities to see them. So far I've only seen peregrine falcons in the city.

@Dawn- Yes! It's one of the perks. I love when they stop by for close-ups. :)