Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Juvenile Mallard Duck Pictures

Wow- it's hard to believe it was over 2 years ago that I wrote a post wondering about mallard hybrids. I had seen a green-winged teal for the first time and I was very confused about what I was looking at- is this a seagull with a mallard head? haha

Juvenile mallard ducks are quite interesting because of the blue mark on their wings. I always get excited when I see that- thinking it could be some type of teal, wood duck, or other interesting duck species. Nope- just a juvenile mallard!

These pictures were taken in Plymouth, MA at the beginning of the pathway that goes to the to the Jenney Grist Mill. Steve and I went for a random drive and walk around Plymouth back in mid-October. We live so close! There's really a lot to see and do there, and Plymouth Harbor is also a great birding spot. I saw the Ivory Gull there back in 2009

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Anonymous said...

Just a clarification.
Female mallards have a blue speculum too! So, that's not what separates the juvies from females.
What does is more subtle characteristics such as amount and pattern of dark colouring on bill, and the shape and size of the tertial and it's covert.
Happy birding!