Monday, February 18, 2008

National Audubon Membership Update

So I received my national membership materials a week or so ago. The welcom letter clearly states:

"In addition to your membership card, please find enclosed out brochure which outlines benefits of Audubon membership: Membership in your local Audubon chapter..."

It's just vague enough though that I'm still not sure. It just seems too good to be true: a one-year National Membership for $20 that carries the same benefits as an individual Massachusetts Membership for $44. I'm not complaining, but as you can understand I'm just highly skeptical that it's going to work out that way.

I just called the national membership services number and the woman said I should contact my local chapter to go about getting membership materials (most importantly the sticker for my car and the card needed to get into certain sanctuaries). I called the local chapter number she gave me but the office was closed due to the holiday. I left a voicemail though so hopefully someone will get back to me tomorrow. I'll keep you all posted on my progress! It would be great if things work out the way they suggest they should.

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