Monday, May 18, 2009

Bird-a-thon List from Winthrop

I spent Saturday birding in Winthrop with my friend Abbie. We were birding for Gordon's Gaggle- thanks again to everyone who pledged money for me!
We went to Deer Island, Belle Isle Marsh, and Winthrop Beach. Here is our list from the day:
baltimore oriole
gray catbird
european starling
common grackle
mourning dove
red-winged blackbird
house sparrow
house finch
rock pigeon
semipalmated plover
common eider
ring-belled gull
herring gull
great black-backed gull
eastern kingbird
savannah sparrow
song sparrow
northern mockingbird
double-crested cormorant
american black duck
long-tailed duck
surf scoter
snowy egret
tree swallow
barn swallow

I was very excited about some of the diving ducks we saw.

Long-tailed Duck:
Common Eider:

I also had to include this picture of the eider with a juvenile gull- I thought it was interesting they were hanging out together:


~abbie~ said...

Yay for us! That was a fun day! Come up anytime. :-)

Dawn Fine said...

Hi Birding girl,
Impressive list...congrats on the bird a thon.
Hope our birding paths cross when we get to Ma in June.

Birdinggirl said...

@Abbie- Yay! It was a lot of fun- thanks for hosting me!

@Dawn- Thanks! Yes- I'm sure we can meet up sometime in June. Maybe at one of the BBC trips.