Monday, May 18, 2009

House Wren and Warblers at Mt. Auburn

I'm trying to catch up on some back-logged photos from Mt. Auburn Cemetery last week. I was so excited to post my pictures of the Indigo Bunting I didn't have time to put up the others.

House Wren:

Yellow-rumped Warbler:

[I even have a mystery warbler. I remember it was yellowish and fairly drab. Here are the only pictures I got]. UPDATE: Thanks to Grant for identifying this warbler as a female American Redstart! I didn't see any males that day so it didn't even occur to me!


Dawn Fine said...

Cant help you out with the mystery warbler..I am curious to find out.
I liked the photo of its tail coming out from behind the tree!

Grant McCreary said...

The mystery bird is a female/1st year male American Redstart. The picture of the tail is the most important one, since the tail is the most obvious field mark on the bird. If you see a tail like that, which it often fans and flips about, then you know you've got a redstart.

Birdinggirl said...

@Grant- thanks for your input! Of course it is- that makes a lot of sense now. Sometimes I forget how considerably different the males and females are. I was hoping the shot of the tail would be a big help! Thanks Grant.