Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Carolina Wren House

Here are some pictures of a Carolina Wren house in my parents' yard in Bourne, MA (Monument Beach to be specific). Each year my mom has at least one Carolina Wren family nesting in the yard. Usually they go after some of the more traditional bird houses she has up, but this year they decided to nest in an ornamental bird house, not meant for actual birds!

Since Carolina Wrens are so small, this bird house actually suits their needs just fine. Here are some pictures of the wren nervously looking out and waiting for me to get in my car and leave. Right before this, the bird was bringing food to its babies- specifically a nice green inchworm.

Carolina Wren House:

Carolina Wren House in context of the yard (you can see how small the house really is):

I had hope to capture the Carolina Wren call on video, but I just wasn't fast enough with my camera. But I do have an older video on my blog featuring the Carolina Wren Song.


Unknown said...

That first picture is ADORABLE!

It was great seeing you and all your friends on Saturday. We all had a really fun time!

Friend of HK said...

A cute little bird house!

cindyzlogic said...

This is such a sweet post! The Wren peeking out is so cute!! That's exactly what I want to do this Fall...get a Wren house put up.

Larry said...

Carolina Wrens are one of my favorite backyard birds-they are such peppy active little creatures-I always like a visit from catbirds in the yard too even though they are so plentiful during field trips. Cute picture of the wren peeking out.

Robin Robinson said...

That is just too adorable! I want one! No birds live in my birdhouses.

Birdinggirl said...

@Susan- It was great seeing you too! I'm so glad you all made it.

@Friend of HK- Thanks for stopping by my blog. Carolina Wrens ARE cute, aren't they? :)

@Cindy- You should! These guys are very eager to take up residence in bird houses- even decorative ones like in this example.

@Larry- I love them too. They're so fun to watch, and they're very vocal.

@Robin- Thanks for stopping by my blog. Give it time- I'm sure they'll come around. Actually, the birdhouse in my yard (not my parents' as shown in this blog post) has been empty all this year (but we had a family of Carolina Wrens in it the year before). Sometimes they're just finicky.

jgreathead said...

If a door to your is left open when they are fledging, they come right in the house! Very tame once inside and can be captured with bare hands and released outdoors. Seem to prefer the floor rather than flying about. We've had two in the house at once.

Anonymous said...

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