Friday, March 25, 2011

Boston Peregrine Falcon poses for the camera!

Our favorite feather friend, the Boston Peregrine Falcon, dropped by our Back Bay office again to pose for a few photos. The people in our office love when he stops by because he perches right on the ledge outside our windows and doesn't mind the attention. How could we not stare?

Photo Credit goes to my boss Larry. He always has his professional camera on hand, which is lucky in moments like this when the peregrine falcon decides to perch on our ledge!

It's rare to get to see a peregrine falcon up close and personal. You really get to see the details in the bird's coloring and the scales on its legs/talons.

I've been avidly reading my new Hawks at a Distance book. It's a great resource for learning more about raptors. I'm trying to educate myself on the proper way to talk about the different parts of their body, the different classifications, and of course how to identify them at a distance.

I'm also learning about the various viewing positions. The peregrine falcon was soaring past my window yesterday afternoon, and I got to see it "head on" several times. It's pretty cool to get to look it in the face as it goes by.

On Sunday I drove down to Cape Cod to celebrate my birthday with my parents. Driving down Rte. 495 and Rte. 25 I got to see two red-tailed hawks standing on the grass in the median (as they like to do), one Osprey flying overhead (those are easy to identify from below- just look for the "M" hooked wing shape, and the white and black markings), and a mystery raptor as I was driving over the Bourne Bridge. I was looking at it from above sort of (it was hovering slightly below the level of the road on the bridge) and it was dark brown all over. Maybe a broad-winged hawk? Or red-shouldered hawk?

Better get back to the book. I have more studying to do!


John (Tucker) said...

Cool photo! Never seen a Peregrine that close. Nice post.

birdermurdermama said...

Raptors are so interesting to study. We have ospreys nesting on a platform just down the road from us, so we see them often in the course of the year. And the other day I watched two immature bald eagles tumbling together in flight. Their strength and agility is amazing. I wish I could soar and tumble too, but I'm lucky to keep my balance on slippery paths in the neighborhood.

Frank Corson said...

I love "Hawks at a Distance"...great book!