Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eco-friendly Lighting- Be kind to your bird friends!

I try to make a conscious effort to be green, by making choices that have a positive impact on my bird friends. Shade-grown coffee is an obvious one, but I recently started researching various eco-friendly lighting options and discovered that Pendant Lighting is a great option because you can use a lower-watt bulb. Why is pendant lighting eco-friendly? The trick is that the shape of pendant light shades illuminates more than traditional lamps, and since it's suspended from the ceiling it gives more direct light for reading or cooking below.

Here are some cool pendant light examples I found on the Web!

Source: NerdApproved.com

Source: LittleFawns.com


Dawn Fine said...

Great lighting ideas! We have halogen lights and florescent in the Homey..I want to start to replace them all with LEDs..
Are they enviro friendly? i know they take less electric and they last longer.

Georgianne Holland said...

I enjoyed this post and the two pendant lights are great. Two more great ways to incorporate birds into my home decor!
Thanks, Georgianne