Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Interview on

Perry from reached out to me a few weeks ago to do an interview for his Birder's Corner. is a binocular review site and includes a section on birding binoculars. I'm always happy to connect with other bloggers and writers so this was right up my alley. It took some time and thought but I'm glad he asked me to do it--it made me really reflect on my experiences as a birdwatcher.

Check it out:

Also, fellow BwBTC blogger Larry from the Brownstone Birding Blog did an interview too: Larry's my go-to source when it comes to shopping for binoculars- he helped me pick out my first pair. Actually, I'm overdue to get a new pair since I'm still using the Nikon Action 8x40s I bought back in 2008 before my first Bird-a-thon. I'll have to check out Perry's site, and will probably ping Larry again.


Perry said...

Hi Cathleen,

Thanks for taking the time to do the interview!

If any other birders would like to be interviewed, please don't hesitate to reach out.


~ Perry

Larry said...

I enjoyed reading your interview. Interesting that you also were excited about your experience with BCNH.). I've never tried them though.

Larry said...

Didn't find your e-mail so you can intercept this. If you aren't looking to spend an arma and a leg then check out Vortex roof prism models-8x42My cousin just got some razorbacks which were really great for about 200. Many people say that Nikon 8x32 se porro prism are fantastic-but more expensive-about $500-I've never tried them just heard great things about the.Best thing is to go to a shop where you can try them.Audubon shop in Madison CT lets you try them-I don't know if you have an optics shop up your way.

Hilke Breder said...

Take a look at Nikon Premier SE 8x32 binoculars. Have had mine since 2000. Price has stayed around $600. Read reviews on

Dawn Fine said...

Howdee! Great interview! I was asked as well but I am too lazy to complete the interview..hee hee..

Unknown said...

binoculars for birding is best for me Thanks