Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Perched Nighthawk in Pittsburgh

My friend Chris (my friend Chelsea's husband) is also an avid birder and sends me cool pictures from time to time. They recently moved to Pittsburgh and these are the first wildlife pictures he's sent from there. (When they were living in Mashpee on Cape Cod he used to send pictures of hawks lingering near their feeder.)

I know very little about nighthawks but he explained that it's very rare to see them perched so he was obviously very excited:

He said it's been hanging around for a while actually. I'm sure they must be interesting to watch!


Chris Petrak said...

Fascinating photo of the nighthawk. I saw them on rare occasions in eastern Pa (Stroudsburg) years ago, but not since. With rubber membrane roofing for flat roofs, they have practically disappeared from Brattleboro. I'll listen for them tonight. also - loved your photos from CA. Good birding!

Dawn Fine said...

What a strange place for a nighthawk to hang out.
See you soon.

Birdinggirl said...

@Chris- thanks! I'll keep everyone posted on it.

@Dawn- I know- I'm glad they still have wildlife to observe even in an urban area.

Cindy said...

Hi. Came over from A New England Life. Great bird photos. Thanks for sharing.