Friday, April 2, 2010

Common Eider - Provincetown, MA

Here are some Common Eider pictures from when I was in Provincetown at low tide. I was really fortunate to have low tide the morning of our trip. This Common Eider duck didn't really spend any time on the sand bar (except on a very narrow peninsula to preen). Mainly it was swimming around in the channel. There was actually a pair, but I don't have any pictures of the common eider female.

Common Eider swimming:

Common Eider in Flight:

Common Eider Bill:

Male Common Eider:

I have another Common Eider photo taken during Bird-a-thon last year, when I went birding in Winthrop with my friend Abbie. But those were taken while the bird was in much rougher waters, although it was cool to see it stretching its neck and standing up as the waves went by.

I think they are beautiful. I would love to see a King Eider sometime. I wonder where my best bets are to see those...


Unknown said...

Awesome shots! I'm positively green with envy! He is gorgeous!

Phil Slade said...

I managed to get some shots of an Eider when he became stranded overnight.

Phil - AnotherBirdBlog