Sunday, April 18, 2010

Northern Mockingbird Song

The Northern Mockingbird song is truly impressive. I have been observing northern mockingbird habits since I lived in Watertown, MA and had one nesting in the bushes out front. I love encountering mockingbirds in situations where I'm not looking for them- like in Winthrop during Bird-a-Thon.

Today I got to enjoy sitting through a full repertoire of a northern mockingbird song. Mockingbirds are well-known for their imitation of other birds' songs and calls. Watch the video below to hear a short sampling of this Northern Mockingbird's repertoire. Can you name that Mockingbird tune? Comment to let me know which ones you hear in the repertoire!


Spencer said...

I think I just heard one this evening. It was a very complicated song and went on for a while, so I think that's what it must have been. Nice pictures!

Birdinggirl said...

@Spencer- Thanks! That must have been it. If you stop and listen to the individual tunes in the repertoire you should be able to pick out bird songs/calls you recognize. For instance- in this clip you can hear a Blue Jay call, which is pretty distinct.