Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blue-winged Warbler at Pratt's Farm

It's the height of migratory warbler season and I've been trying to squeeze in birding every chance I get. This morning we dropped off some friends in Middleborough and asked if there were any good parks or conservation areas nearby. They told us to try Pratt's Farm- a small piece of land owned by the Middleborough Conservation Commission. This time of year I'm confident I can find warblers just about anywhere so we decided to try it out. There's even a small pond there, so even better- we had a feeling our odds were good.

There are lots of grassy, meadow areas there, complete with honeysuckle bushes, and other flowering trees and bushes. Perfect spot for warblers and orioles.

We saw and heard lots of blue-winged warblers. The blue-winged warbler call is something like a "buzzy beeee-BZZZZZZ" according to my Sibley Guide. To me it just sounds very "buzzy" and we followed the sound all around the patches of meadow.


Dawn Fine said...

This is such a nice time of year! So great to see the warblers.

Birdinggirl said...

Thanks Dawn! This farm is really a hidden treasure. It was just packed with warblers- fun day.

Where are you spotting migratory warblers this season?