Sunday, May 9, 2010

Yellow Warbler Photos from Pratt's Farm

These yellow warbler photos were today this morning at Pratt's Farm in Middleborough, MA. One of the easiest ways to identify a yellow warbler is to look for the red streaks on the male yellow warbler's breast. They're also uniformly yellow (whereas lots of other warblers have tinges of gray on them) and they're very small.

Yellow Warbler Singing:

Yellow Warbler photos:


Dan Huber said...

wonderful, i have such trouble getting pics of warblers in general


Birdinggirl said...

@Dan- thanks! I agree- they're so small and flit around a lot. That's where the continuous shutter really comes in handy :)

I saw your shore/sea bird photos in your recent post. They were great! Especially the diving ones. Have you been birding for warblers yet this season?