Sunday, May 9, 2010

Yellow-rumped Warbler on Cape Cod

I spent last weekend at my parents' house in Monument Beach on Cape Cod. My dad had to work on my car, and it was great because while I was at the house I noticed some yellow-rumped warblers in the side yard on the border of the conservation land.

The only warblers I saw were yellow-rumped, except for one mystery warbler. It was very small (4.75" or smaller), and all yellow except for a gray mask/hood. The gray went on either side of its face. I only watched it through my binoculars- by the time I got my camera up it was already gone and I didn't see it again the rest of the weekend. There are so many yellow and gray warblers that I knew my odds weren't good. I guess I can just hope I see it again so I can positively ID it.

Picture of yellow-rumped warbler:

There were many female yellow-rumped warblers in the yard too, but I didn't get any pictures of those. They're actually very similar in appearance to males, but are just slightly more drab in color.


Dawn Fine said...

darn..i wonder what gray headed warbler you were seeing..
there are quite a few of them..

Birdinggirl said...

@Dawn- I know seriously! "It was small, yellow with gray marks on it..." That describes about 60% of warblers- haha